50 inches x 50 inches Acrylcis on canvas

The shapes and colours show that when antitheses collide there is this spectacle of sheer beauty that departs from the banality of tradition. A spectacular lion as a subject along with the influences from the Maasai tribe sets up this artwork to high demands of possible outcomes. While the first impression of the image may simply be an exploration of shapes and colours, it soon becomes apparent that there is in fact something purposeful in the way the colors and shapes are chosen.  These were built in layers through experimental colour combinations with endless rework till it reached a balance – a comfortable zone where it gets closer to what you may want the viewer to imagine.

I believe the life of an artist is never easy. The attempts to show your work in a fresh perspective, while trying to maintain your own unique style tests your limits. To convert the idea into a metaphysical form with the simple tools of paint, brush and canvas pushes your intellectual capability that completely consumes you until it’s over. As an artisan you see it develop not just in front of you but also in your soul. These are immensely valuable and

emotional experiences that stay frozen in the work forever.

“Mingati” means – “The one who is fast” in Maasai


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