by Reji Joseph
Acrylics on canvas
5 feet x 12 feet

PTERIPPUS is a horse with wings, stemming from the Greek words pteros (winged) and hippos (horse). Pegasus was a pterippus so famous that many still refer to the species by his name, and great debate runs rampant over what is actual truth. History, however, has proven that there is always more than one truth. On Earth, he was known as Pegasus, the first pterippus. Like many creatures of the water, King Poseidon was more logical than emotional, though he eventually grew discontent. He had an eye for beautiful women and there was one who caught his eye, which in itself was a great feat, for she was not a woman at all, but a Gorgon, a creature of great power and unbelievable beauty. Her name was Medusa, and he seduced her. Many wonder how he could view her, for looking upon the face of a gorgon would turn one to stone, but the rumor is that his heart was already hardened from the cold ocean, and that alone saved him. “All this happened during a time when humans were trying to make a place for themselves among the so-called gods. Heroic men went in search of dragons and other creatures of terror to slay. One hero, known as Perseus, decided to slay Medusa, for stories had erupted that she had turned evil. He found her standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean and decapitated her. Medusa’s union with Poseidon resulted in the birth of two such creatures, born from Medusa’s blood during her decapitation. The first, a boy, already half-grown, with a golden sword. The second, a white horse, also half-grown, with wings so wide he lifted himself immediately toward the sky. He was called Pegasus.

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